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The following regulations were revised and put into effect in September, 2008. Please disregard regulations bearing a date prior to the above, and note that these rules are subject to change without notice. Although any non-conforming graves installed previous to these regulations will not be made to change, all new plot owners will be expected to adhere to the current regulations. Please make sure your monument company has a copy of these rules.


The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that the cemetery stay tidy and well ordered as it grows over time. These regulations will also help to keep maintenance-related time and labor to a minimum. This means a better-kept and more attractive cemetery for both you and future plot owners (or families).


Owners must ask for and receive written permission from the appropriate monastery authorities if they wish to do anything not in compliance with the cemetery regulations. Any reasonable request will be considered.

The monastery reserves the right to enforce the cemetery regulations by refusing anything introduced into the cemetery grounds deemed to be a violation of the regulations. Clarification should be sought from the abbot or other monastery authority regarding any and all regulations.


Holy Resurrection Cemetery is a pan-Orthodox Christian cemetery and was established and consecrated in 1980 specifically to accommodate the needs of Orthodox Christians. Burials of immediate family members of Orthodox Christians who are not Orthodox are usually permitted upon request. No non-Orthodox or heterodox services or any ecclesiastical function by non-Orthodox clergy may be held in the cemetery without the permission of the Abbot. The Orthodox “burial for non-Orthodox” service is permissible.

Burial Plots

A limit of one body per plot shall be observed. Only professional grave diggers employed by a licensed funeral home may execute the opening of a grave. The standard adult-size burial plot shall be 4 feet by 10 feet allowing for a grave of 3 feet by 8 feet. Either the funeral company of the monastery or of the buyer should be informed if the grave is to be of a special size, such as extra wide, etc., so that the gravediggers may be notified. Burial plots will be sold at the current cost as priced, or as otherwise agreed upon. A 12 (twelve) foot set-back from the monastery/cemetery property-line abutting our neighbor is to be observed. No portion of any grave may be within this set-back.

Grave Liners

Grave liners of metal or concrete are required for all graves. Plastic grave liners are not permitted and will be refused.

Markers and Monuments

All proposed monument designs and descriptions must be submitted to the monastery authority for approval before installation. All markers, monuments and the like shall be professionally manufactured of either solid granite or solid marble material. Permanent metal upright markers are not permitted. Flat (flush) bronze markers are allowed. Wooden crosses are also permitted as a temporary measure, with the understanding that they will eventually need to be replaced with a granite or marble marker as wood will not hold up many years due to the local climate and will lead to an unmarked grave in the future. Concrete may only be used in the setting of stones, not the manufacture of markers or flower bed borders. Mausoleums and above-ground crypts are not permitted. The base of a single-wide marker must not exceed 46”. Flat “foot markers” are also permitted in addition to the upright marker as long as they are flush with the ground.

As this is a Christian cemetery, graves (grave markers) are expected to be adorned in some way with a cross, either by way of a monument in the shape of a cross or a marker with a cross, even if minimal, engraved upon it. The reason for this is so that the monument may be blessed using the prescribed “Blessing of a Cross” service that refers specifically to the cross on a grave and not so much the monument itself.

No monument may depict anything of disrespectful, heretical, or blasphemous content. Markers bearing Masonic symbols or any other imagery inconsistent with the beliefs of the Orthodox Church will likewise be refused.

Adornment of Graves

Notice: effective March 2008, sills or coping fully bordering graves is no longer permitted! This is necessary for insurance purposes and in order to provide better access for grave diggers and their equipment and to accommodate other maintenance concerns, as well as the overall tidy look of the cemetery as it grows over time. Please forgive the inconvenience. Small flower beds are permitted however, but for the same reasons as cited above, planted flowers may not extend more than 24” out from the front of the base of the monument or marker and may not exceed a width of 46” for a single width plot.  The flower bed may have a border or coping of granite, marble, or other quality manufactured border material as long as the outer dimensions of the bordering do not exceed the measurements above. Likewise, all other items such as figurines, plant holders, pictures, toys, etc., should be kept either in this space or on the monument’s base or top. The planting of trees and/or shrubs is prohibited except by the monastery authority and those it hires to do so.

The monastery is not responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing monuments damaged as a result of weather or other natural causes or as a result of poor craftsmanship in manufacture and/or setting, or as a result of vandalism or of some other accidental damage by anyone outside the monastic community. The use of a monument company that is licensed and insured is recommended. The monastery may take full or partial responsibility for markers damaged in the course of grounds maintenance assuming it was performed by monastery personnel or by those expressly hired by the monastery. No one outside the monastic community may mow or otherwise maintain the cemetery grounds without specific permission to do so. Weather and equipment permitting, the monastery will accept the responsibility of keeping the cemetery grounds regularly mowed and trimmed.

The monastery is not responsible for the loss or damage of any items placed on or around the graves, such as flowerpots, figurines, toys, etc. *Cemetery Hours: 7:00am-10:00pm*

For questions or further information please contact the monastery at (706) 277-9442
Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.
May God bless you!